Friday, April 30, 2010

My box of tissues are soaked!

My dog & me, well we just laid on the bed and cuddled listening to birds rejoice.  Reminding me how much I love the stolen songs of the Mocking bird.

That was the day that the lights went out in our small part of Florida.  Our small grid of nineteen where electricity was lost in the wee hours of the night.

So here I am now sitting, using natural light from a window hearing the raindrops, a plane flying nearby, cars passing by the house and Hobo, forever cleaning his adorable self.  Oh, and writing this letter with pen on paper.

I am reminded that the ice on door of the refrigerator does not work without electricity, nor does the telephone.  Which leads to an entire other list of realities.  Here is a tip for all: we have an old fashioned orange telephone, the cord actually prevents you from walking around, almost everyone I could call to chat with this morning is programmed into the cordless, that does not work in a power outage.  Ok, two duhs!  However, when in need ... keep on in a drawer and tell all of your family members where it is.  You never know when you or a neighbor may need it during a time such as this.

Of course, there is my cell phone.  However, it is in the car and its raining.  And, I'd have to get out of my night clothes.  I just thought of something. I really cannot remember what it was like before technology permitted us to screen our calls, and the answering machine before we decided whether to answer the call or not...could you just let it ring?

Have you ever heard the saying, "If you want to hear God laugh just tell Him your plans"?


As it turns out, I realize the peace of sitting in one place, in my quiet home, listening to the world outside, and within my head.


Oh the tissues?  I had moved some items out of my car to make room for traveling buddies.  My small trash basket, a shirt to return, and my box of tissues... left outside with the intention of returning it all to its rightful place.

I see the sun, an awesome opportunity to get dressed and get to photographing.  After all, I have been complaining to myself the need , without seeming to have the time due to allowed distractions.

It is another perfect day...


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I go nuts when the power goes out!!! We are so reliant on electricity!!! And you REALLY realize it when it's gone!

But I'm glad to hear you made good use of the time :)

BeadedTail said...

Sometimes it takes a power outage for us to slow down and find the peace in just being and not just being plugged in! Kinda scary huh? But, if it wasn't for technology I wouldn't have met a huge hearted fabulous gal from Florida!

storybeader said...

The summertime is coming, and I'm expecting power outages, like last you... I've been thinking of you and wondering how close you are to the shore... Remembered you were going on a road trip and DH was fishing... You OK?