Friday, April 23, 2010

Speaking of Eco-Friendly and Earth Day ...

A friend sent me a link

Thought it was pretty cool, and they had many things that I would like.
I ordered several products and they were very quickly received in this box...
read the printing in the square while you are here.

Opening the box, it hit me that these were out of place in the overall
picture of the concept behind this business.

So, I sent an inquiry to the company and soon received the following

Thank you for your inquiry. Our packing peanuts are made from corn and

potato starch and dissolve in water. If there is anything else we can assist you with,please let us know. Have a great day !!

Thank You,
Deb Strong
Customer Care

Interested, Blondie Love and I (see nose on left?) decided to see what happens
when the "peanuts" were introduced to water?

The "green" in me smiled!

Take a peek, and maybe give your support!

P.S. There is that one small plastic label tie that I would like to see disappear too!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those are really cool.

storybeader said...

"Inquiring minds want to know!"
good deal! So, what else was in the box?

Anitra Cameron said...

Wow. That's great. Innovation that does what you want and helps the earth, too. Not to mention another use for crops. Sighing a happy smile here.

And I have to tell you I did a double take when I read the URL. Frontier Coop? Supplies for poultry farms? Then I laughed at myself. Duh.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

It's great to see companies giving such a great effort for our environment :)
I always reuse packing supplies! I wrap the scrapbooks in new bubble wrap...just because I want them to stay clean. But all of the other bubbles/packaging comes from a local hospital my aunt works at or from my grandma...who LOVES to order things through the mail :)

Ruthie said...

Wow - that's cool!

tamdoll said...

This is great that you called them on it and tried it, too. I have a box of packing peanuts in my garage waiting to be re-used, maybe I should just see if they'll melt away instead of taking up so much space!